Cyclical resonance

Interested in caring for the water in rivers and seas, uniting the traditional shamanic knowledge of the eastern Amazon of the origin of life in the water, and the sacred flutes that propitiate cosmic order, with the biological knowledge of phytoplankton Emiliana Huxleyi, the unicellular marine organism that preserves life on the planet. The warming […]

Mother, father, brother and I

The COVID-19 confinement has called into question the relationships within the biological family. Caring for its members makes it possible to strengthen family ties and to extend those bonds of affection to personal and ecological relationships with other forms of life. Mother, father, brother, and I proposes to expand the concept of human family to the non-human family (fauna, flora, minerals) and calls on us to rethink forms of interaction towards a common welfare, as a reaction to our present planetary circumstances.


CORRESPONDENT is an animation that relates written language, sound language and graphic language from an analogy between the human and the animal that represents liberating actions of cultural paradigms like writing, reading and social behavior.


Thirst is a video art that interprets «domination» in an erotic-violent relationship from a mayfly action of the body as a media panorama. The hegemonic representation towards the local culture is understood as interference in a critical and reflexive sense of our multiple identities.

Look at you

LOOK AT YOU is a video art that makes evident the action of the voyeur that in this case is a media one. It shows the object-subject relationships through pixels as a result of the digital nature. It makes more and more virtual the identity of the «being», the video performer and the one that sees it.

8 eight

8 is a video art about the internal and external routes that can happen in a house area. The video documents space divisions from an overhead perspective mixed with fix images that establish movement relationships through the environment.