Interested in caring for the water in rivers and seas, uniting the traditional shamanic knowledge of the eastern Amazon of the origin of life in the water, and the sacred flutes that propitiate cosmic order, with the biological knowledge of phytoplankton Emiliana Huxleyi, the unicellular marine organism that preserves life on the planet.

The warming of the rivers and seas, caused by the ecological imbalance, threatens the existence of both, the shamanic-Amazonian culture and the phytoplankton. It interupts their participation in the vital cycles of water and, therefore, of life on Earth, summoning us to promote interactions that preserve the environment.

Length:  5:14 minutes, stereo, full hd. 2022.

 Exhibitions in which Cyclical resonance has participated:

  • Jury prize for  the best piece of video art. HTM Museum, South Korea, 2023.
  • 46° Salón Nacional de Artes, 54° premios nacionales de cultura de la Universidad de Antioquia. Museo Universitario Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín, 2023.

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