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LOOK AT YOU is a video art that makes evident the action of the voyeur that in this case is a media one. It shows the object-subject relationships through pixels as a result of the digital nature. It makes more and more virtual the identity of the «being», the video performer and the one that sees it.

Video art: 2:44 minutes.
Video performance: 7:33 minutes.


  • Colombian-French Aliance, Pereira. 2007.
  • Bogotá National University. 2008.
  • 49th International Film Festival Cartagena. 2009.
  • 8th International Image Festival, Manizales. 2009.
  • 3th Contemporary Art Week. Mar del Plata, Argentina. 2011.
  • Confrontations. Atelie 397 Sao Paulo, Brasil. 2011.
  • Regional Image VII. Bank of the Republic, Pereira. 2011.
  • Asim´tria Festival VII. Cusco, Perú. 2011.
  • 4th International Video art Festival Camagüey, Cuba. 2011.
  • Anonymous, Gallery University of Paris 8. Francia. 2012.
  • Nomadic Cycle, Tabacalera Madrid. España. 2012.

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