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Thirst is a video art that interprets «domination» in an erotic-violent relationship from a mayfly action of the body as a media panorama. The hegemonic representation towards the local culture is understood as interference in a critical and reflexive sense of our multiple identities.

Video art: 3:00 minutes.
Video performance: 6:42 minutes.


  • Performance Festival, La Cuadra. Pereira. 2008.
  • Video festival. Cadiz Theater Bogotá. 2009.
  • IV National Theater Festival Santander on Scene. 2009.
  • VII SIART VII International Art Biennial. Bolivia. 2011.
  • FIVA International Festival Videoart. Argentina. 2011.
  • Streaming Festival. Holanda, Italia. 2011.
  • Lado B. Central Library of the Universidad Simon Bolivar. Venezuela. 2011.
  • Close Up Vallarta, International Festival of Video Creation. México. 2012.

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