There is a trajectory in which the earth remains further than the epistemes of time as art and culture are born from the earth to return to it as dust and sediment. Going down the spiral stairs to the Museum’s basement brings back the memory of the historic quote of La Caverna (The Cavern). On its entrance wall the black ink handwriting registers the World’s nature and our passing through it: Inside fire occupies the whole space in intervals and latency. Underneath the dark night’s reflection and in its void, a circular light.

Nature regulates itself in the space-time we have come to. Earth, Fire and Water aquire sense when they summon themselves as a metaimage:The World of Museums-, is a commemoration through the architecural characteristics of the Pereira Museum of Art, the presence of fire in the sound of the fire detector and the baked clay floor tiles. Here, the aesthetic regimes are materialized, in its infrastructures and in its Works, in its walls and its Stone and minerals floor.


  • Museo de Arte de Pereira (Pereira’s Museum of Art), Colombia. 2017.

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