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46th National Artists’ Salon. Honda, Tolima.

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Medellin Modern Art Museum.

SONORO is presented as a concert program that brings together nine pieces of sound recordings that are audiovisuals, site-specific interventions or installations.

The compilation of these electroacoustic music along with sound landscapes and portraits proposes a vital turn in the biological and cultural ecosystem and aims to activate ecological, equanimous, and reciprocal relationships between human beings and their environment. It brings us beyond the anthropocentric conception and exploitation of the plant, animal, and mineral world. It thus seeks to vindicate the heritage of the territory and to redefine the future of the human being on Earth.

Publication: 18 x 18cm, 28 inner pages and envelope, 200 copies. Ecological paper, single ink offset printing.
Posters: 50 x 35cm, 1250 copies. Ecological paper, single ink offset printing.
Listening piece: 55:41 minutes, stereo.
Video: 17:31 minutes, full hd, stereo.
Installation: variable dimensions.

Unification 0´00´´

Armonic cicada 5´04´´

Cosmic ritornello 19´04´´

The movements of the heart 26´04´´

Stone sculpting river 29´00´´

Resident educational park 32´17´´

A drop of water 36´36´´

Mother, father, brother, and I 41´04´´

Acoustic ecology 47´53´


  • 46th National Artists’ Salon. Casa Morada Rosada, Calle del Sello Real, malecón Río Magdalena. Honda, Tolima. 2022.
  • The longlest path, contemporary art in Antioquia. Medellin Modern Art Museum, 2021.

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