Created at the Enrique Olaya Herrera National Park in Bogotá, Colombia, the work questions the relationship of man’s dominion over nature in that territory. Resident educational park proposes a dialogue with the Park through practices of cleansing, offerings, and meditation, to compose the verses of a bolero that personify the Park in which common behaviors are proposed as an alternative to the ecological tensions that are generated within it. The bolero, which is characterized by using metaphors allusive to nature, points directly to the Park and recalls practices of the place, where concerts were held and boleros were common to hear broadcasted from loudspeakers until a few years ago.

Site-specific intervention in the Bogotá National Park during an artistic residency at the Idartes Pedagogical Block, within the framework of the 45th National Hall of Artists of Colombia.

Video and sound piece 4:16 minutes, informative prints, intervention in the Kiosk and tours of the Park.

Mauricio Rivera Henao: General direction, composition, sound piece, video and intervention.

Manuel Narváez: Sound engineering, editing and mixing. Daniel Cardona: Musical arrangement. Lorena Parada: Production assistant.

Acknowledgements: Gabriela Pinilla (Residential tutor at Block IDARTES). Catalina Rodríguez (IDARTES Plastic Arts Manager). Ángel Alejandro Banguero Guzmán (National Park Administration). Christian Leonardo Bello Pérez (Auxiliary Administrator). Daniel Rodríguez and Vicente Garzón (Mediators).


  • The longlest path, contemporary art in Antioquia. Medellin Modern Art Museum, 2021.
  • 45th National Artists’ Salon: The reverse of the plot. Curated by Lenguajes de la Injuria, Olaya Herrera National Park, Bogotá, Colombia. 2019.

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