Gardener - Resident

Residence for artists Lugar a dudas. (achitectural heritage)

100 tabloid format posters

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Plant on pavement was developed as an artistic residency in «lugar a dudas» of the city of Cali, -a national artistic residency grant from the Ministry of Culture of Colombia- in which I worked as a resident gardener for six weeks. During this time I was in charge of the external and internal gardens of the residence located in the Granada neighborhood, which involved the transition from highly toxic chemical insecticides to organic and traditional methods to control pests, pruning, fertilizing, strengthening growth and stabilizing the natural order of the plants, subverting the role of «gardener» to dominate the wild for domestic benefits and aesthetic judgments.

During the weeks of residence, the relationship with the plants determined the type of ideal practices for their well-being, at the same time as it nourished the work of creation that was proposed from a summons to the place of residence, -Colombian biennial architecture prize, intervention in the heritage-, by questioning the place –lugar a dudas-, from the decisions made by civil engineering and architecture for the existence of the gardens in the configuration of the place. At the end of the six weeks, the installation work built with what was collected, stored and pruned from the gardens, returned as fertilizer to the Earth.


  • Artistic Residency. lugar a dudas. Cali, Colombia. 2018.

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