TRANS-APARENT reflects the photogram, the construction of the image from drawing and photography, not simply as a visual structure but also as a technical and symbolic origin. It proposes a revision of the characteristics of the animation language, the written language and the sound language. This is made from the genesis of the representation and through different lighting forms which explain the virtual, evanescent and transparent nature of what is presented. It gives the possibility to see what is behind the drawing, what gives it light and makes it possible through photography. To see and to listen to the superposition of cultural layers implies an altered and recognizable order in the configuration of what is audible-visible.

CORRESPONDENT is an animation that relates written language, sound language and graphic language from an analogy between the human and the animal that represents liberating actions of cultural paradigms like writing, reading and social behavior. These representations establish a “corresponding” dialog between the light sources and movement in the story through the metaphor of enlightenment between the master and the disciple, the animal and the human, the drawing and the photograph. Duration: 3:20 minutes.