Photos by Miguel Mesa.

By way of a quotation, it is proposed to link the iconographic context of the Tequendama Falls on the Bogotá River with the Tequendama Hotel in the same city, based on the book "Humboldtiana neogranadina, Tomo IV, Imago. Representations and Iconography" by the author Alberto Gómez Gutiérrez. In order to relate the meanings of both places, hotel and natural waterfall, several actions and artistic installations were developed for EXPERIMENTA SUR VIII, Woven connectives; international meeting of living arts directed by Theater Map, laboratory of artists of the city of Bogotá.

EXPERIMENTA SUR VIII - Theater Map, participated in the exhibition "The nature of things: Humboldt, comings and goings" at the Art Museum of the National University of Colombia, Bogotá. This exhibition was curated by Halim Badawi. Tequendama Falls consists of a video install- action that presents the signal relationship between hotel, waterfall and museum. From the editorial design of the book, a series of actions are deployed to extend it and throw it over thirty meters, from the twelfth floor of the hotel (the artists' room) and the museum installations. In the install-action, an interaction with the public is established by means of mining and mineral lamps to illuminate the human scale present in the book's representations, which are contextualized with fictitious texts in a video about Humboldtian thought.


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