This installation is developed at the cross point between Pereira and “The Coffee Cultural Landscape” laying stress on how the touristic activity at the natural patrimony causes environmental instability. The market dominates over the environmental sustainability, turning nature into a commercial and contemplative image. Our main interest focuses on the link between the Otún River and the city and we consider essential its visualization in Pereira’s downtown in order to have a new perspective with diverse aesthetic values of the real territory and its complexity. This is why we find crucial to be close to the river and its inhabitants, out of the museum and other exhibition spaces.

We want to appoint specifically to the direct interaction in the Zea neighborhood through the transformation of the Communal Action Hut, as one of the epicenters that during the last years has presented different projects to recover the the “Otún River Wateravenue”. With our work we provided a close view of the life of the river and its neighbors at a few blocks from downtown.

The Otún River is born at the area called Páramo de la Laguna del Otún (Otún Lake High Plateau). It is referred as The Stones’ Sculptor River in the bambuco, folk music piece called “Pereira”, by Luis Carlos González, the author whose birthday is September the 26th. After 100 years this date became the Pereiranity day.

This verse says that the Stones’ Sculptor River has been ennobled by Martín Abad and for us it defines the sense of the art work when it points out the river and its autonomy as a creating fact and a creator in itself as a sculptor river. This allows us to join the self regulation nature’s phenomenon. It is to say that our work is presented as a post production of the river’s creation. We become co authors.

Otún Group.
Martín Abab Abad
Álvaro Hoyos Baena
Mauricio Rivera Henao

About Martín Abad

Thanks to
  • Gloria Milena Villegas, President of the Zea Neighborhood. Mediator.

  • Sound Piece
    • Manuel Narváez: (La Guacharaca Estéreo). Recording, edition and mix.
    • Paula Arcila: Voice.
    • Daniel Cardona: Composition, mandolines, twelve-stringed treble guitar and guitar.

    • Exhibitions
      • Aún 44 Salón Nacional de Artistas. Pereira, Colombia. 2016.

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