This intervention is developed from the patrimonial relations between the Olaya Herrera National Park in the city of Bogotá and the Pedagogical Block - IDARTES. Its purpose is focused on what the National Park represents for the District and the 45th National Artists' Salon, allowing the construction of a diverse perspective of the territory and its complexity. After this, it was decided to work in the Park, outside the traditional exhibition spaces.
The becoming of the Park favors to point out our interaction with it, beyond the engineering and architectural assets of the sector, generating another vision of the Earth that in the zone supports a social network to be illuminated. Resident Teaching Park covers historical confluences from before the foundation of the Park until today, presented by the consideration of the Park as a resident subject, who welcomes cultures and proposes from them formative pedagogies of common interest. In this way, the role of co-authorship of the work under the principle of self-regulation of the Park is pointed out.

Video and sound piece 4:16 minutes, informative prints, intervention in the Kiosk and tours of the Park.

Mauricio Rivera Henao: General direction, composition, sound piece, video and intervention.

Manuel Narváez: Sound engineering, editing and mixing. Daniel Cardona: Musical arrangement. Lorena Parada: Production assistant.

Acknowledgements: Gabriela Pinilla (Residential tutor at Block IDARTES). Catalina Rodríguez (IDARTES Plastic Arts Manager). Ángel Alejandro Banguero Guzmán (National Park Administration). Christian Leonardo Bello Pérez (Auxiliary Administrator). Daniel Rodríguez and Vicente Garzón (Mediators).


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