Faced with the confinement occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic, the lab “House of Hesitation” (Casa de Vacilación) emerged, a collaborative effort between a group of artists-pedagogues, dream interpreters, meditators, and the general public in the cities of Pereira, Medellín, and Bogotá, Colombia. It was in this context that Acoustic ecology set out to articulate relationships between ecology and artistic creation, with the intention of generating other narratives that respond to the linear conception of time and confront the hegemonic productivity system that coerces the autonomy of natural developments.

Work developed in the context of lab “House of Hesitation” (Casa de Vacilación) as part of the UPB Summer School of Knowledge (Escuela de verano Saberes UPB) at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana of Medellín.

Mauricio Rivera Henao
General direction and composition


Estella Agudelo Sánchez
Luisa Fernanda Marulanda
Carmen Elisa Roldán
Daniel Sebastián Pestana
Clara Isabel Holguín
Valentina Bustamante
Jorge Andrés Londoño
Catalina Rojas
Milena Andrea Álvarez
María Margarita Restrepo

Myriam Arias
David Fernando Sánchez

Viviana Angel Chujfi
Eduard Rivera Henao
Mauricio Rivera Henao

Manuel Narváez: Mix and mastered.


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